Coming up: Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hey you media junkies, tune in to Joy94.9 from 9am-noon on Tuesdays to hear Josh, Sam, Nick and Alex talk about current affairs and culture, with a queerish slant.

To be more specific, tomorrow we are gonna discuss the Red Cross’s decision to review their ban on sexually active gay men donating blood. Kath Larkin, Queer Officer of the National Union of Students joins us to wax about the same-sex marriage rights campaign in the US.

We are gonna speak to David Nicholls from the Foundation of Australian Atheists about the introduction of ethics classes in schools, and the criticism this has drawn from Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen.

We are going to be tearing into the Rudd Government about their recent attacks on asylum seekers. We’ll discuss the boycott of theNAPLAN tests by the teachers union and ponder the whole concept of grading schools.

We get gossipy and also serious about swimmer Daniel Kowalski’s disclosure of his homosexuality and the nature of homophobia in the world of Olympic swimming. We also ponder the significance of high profile lesbian Melissa Etheridge’s relationship breakdown.

And in our last hour we’ll turn our attention to culture and talk to Thomas Caldwell about film, promo some cool queer events coming up and chat enthusiastically about the anti-racism comedy of Fear of a Brown Planet.

Listen in on yr radio or on the Joy94.9 website if you’re not in Melbourne. Or podcast it after it’s all been said and done by clicking that button on the right.

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