Coming up on 4th of May, 2010

Another show that will blow your mind. Especially if you like TAFE stats, sex worker info,  UK elections and gay 70s rock. Woo!

So yeah, tune in to Joy94.9 tomorrow between 9am-noon to hear the team talk about the UK elections. We also talk to an activist from TAFE-For-All about the humongous fall in TAFE students since those fee hikes. We discuss a new study on sex worker practises.

And we talk to Guy Blackman from Chapter Music about their re-issuing of music by 70s gay rock pioneer Chris Robison. Guy lives in Melbourne, whereas Chris lives in LA. So we decided to talk to Guy, lazy people that we are.

Check out this page for an interview with Robison from a great website called Queer Music Heritage:

We also talk to Seb Prowse from the not-for-profit bookshop NIBS, about The Big Red Bookfair. And what you can do with all those books about faded 70s rock stars that you want to clean out of your house. And any other books.

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