It’s the Joy Radiothon this week

Hey all. As you may or may not know JOY 94.9 is Australia’s only full time licensed radio broadcaster for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community. And it is running a 10 day Radiothon this week to help keep the station financially viable.

This year’s theme for JOY’s Radiothon is ‘Choose JOY’, not only a playful nod to the 80’s but also a direct message stating that there is one choice when it comes to supporting Australia’s only gay and lesbian radio station.

Support Joy by becoming a member here…

And if you like what All That False Instruction does why not become a member during our show from 9am to 12pm this week to show everyone that you think we are a bit of alright.
0427 JOY 949
(0427 569 949)
1300 JOY 949
(1300 569 949)

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