Check the show: 22 June 2010

Massive show. Join Nick, Sam and Alex at 9am on Joy94.9 to talk about current affairs and culture. After last week’s Radiothon show, we’re loaded up with cash, and we’re not afraid to be wild and extravagent. Here’s what’s on:
We’ll be talking to Colin Jacobs from Electronic Frontiers Australia about Obama’s Internet kill switch and Australian government asking ISP’s to keep a record of what you look at.
Ali Hogg will join us to talk about the ALSO awards and nomination for Equal Love (and herself as outstanding volunteer).

We have Amalie Finlayson from Charles Sturt Uni on the show to look at political debates on Twitter:

Seb Prowse from New International Bookshop will join us to give us a reportback on the Big Red Book Fair and some of the books left over. He’ll also be telling us about their Underground Talk on Wednesday night which this week features Shirley Shackleton launching her biography, and discussing the impact of her husband’s death as part of the Balibo Five.

And have you ever wondered past the Brunswick Co-Op Shop and wondered what their deal is? Kati Cubby will be in to spruik their recruitment drive to get more volunteers and will give us the lowdown.

And finally, Masahiko Takagi, a Japanese art dealer and curator, will be talking about Japanese Gay Art and a new exhibition that will be in Melbourne.

2 responses to “Check the show: 22 June 2010

  1. If you missed the show you can here a couple of segments here:

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