Coming Up tonight! 29 July 2010

On tonight’s All That False Instruction, we are doing some new things. Continuous improvement as Japanese business managers say.

We’re starting a regular segment looking at queer classics from the past called Guy’s Gay Music History Corner. And for this we’ll be joined by Guy Blackman: musician, record label boss and all round queer music nerd. On our first segment tonight, you can look forward to hearing ‘A Gay Song’ by Everyone Involved. See all those coloured words, they are links, click ’em and be even more enlightened.

Well, we at All That False Instruction are both versatile and ambivalent. What we’re saying is, we could go either way. I mean, what we’re saying is, we could either stay in or go out. So we’re gonna think of something each week to satisfy each urge. Cos I’m sure you’re in this dilemma too.

If you plan on staying in this weekend, perhaps you’d like to snuggle up under your doona and watch a movie. Even a good movie? Josh is going to talking about Burnt Money a classic queer film, great for a Melbourne winter weekend indoors.

And if your feet are twitching to go out on the town, why not check out the free screening of Sistagirl at the Melbourne Museum this Friday arvo. Sistagirl is a documentary film which tells the story of Wathurung photographer Bindi Cole‘s recent artistic journey to document the inspiring transgender Sistagirls from the Tiwi Islands, 90km’s north of Darwin.

Friday, 30 July 2010, 6:30pm, Bunjilaka @ Melbourne Museum (11 Nicholson Street, Carlton)

Bindi Cole also has a photographic exhibition displayed until this Saturday at Nellie Castan Gallery.

And we’re playing some esoteric songs from our music collections. We’ve fought for hours about this, as we only have a one hour show now. So listen and be amazed.

Look forward to having you join us at 7pm tonight on Joy94.9.  And if you want to relive the memories, check out our podcast in the coming days.

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