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An eclectic show tonight: We have someone on to discuss Indonesian film, we take a look back at a lesbian separatist songwriter, Alix Dobkin, and we talk to some folk from a gay wedding business. Join the gang tonight at 7pm on Joy94.9.

On ‘Guy’s Gay Music History Corner’, our regular guest, Guy Blackman, will be fresh off Doug Pollard’s Digging Deeper segment. He might be a bit emotionally drained, so we’ll go easy on him. This week he’s bringing in a neglected classic from the NYC coffee house scene. 

Alix Dobkin is the name of the songwriter and the band was ‘Lavender Jane’. The song was ‘Talking Lesbian’ from 1973. There’s plenty of information on the internet about Alix Dobkin and she’s also written what looks like an interesting memoir. Check out her website here.

Also on the show we’ll have the folk from Idotoo coming in to the studio to tell us about their business–it does gay and alternative weddings. Their website says that Idotoo is:

for those who aren’t afraid to be who they really are – Gay, Goth, Geek, Green, Rockabilly, Adrenaline Junkie, Circus freak, or just a little bit non-traditional.

We bumped into them at the same-sex marriage rights rally on Saturday. It will be interesting to find out about this segment of commerce.

We’ll also have Debora Mahatmasari from the Indonesian Film Festival, coming in to talk about their opening night tomorrow, and indeed, the rest of festival that goes until next Thursday.

Indonesia is our closest neighbour, yet you would probably agree that most of us know very little about Indonesian culture. What are the stories being told on their cinema screens?

The opening night film is 7 Hearts, 7 Loves, 7 Women (7 Hati, 7 Cinta, 7 Wanita) and starts at 8pm at ACMI.

Exploring the idea that love is often more a curse than a blessing, this film follows the transformative journey of Kartini, a romance-weary obstetrician.

Through a parade of patients, Kartini deals with a kaliedoscope of views on the matters of the heart, while fending off the advances of her colleague.

Kartini’s resistance to love is challenged by the arrival of an eccentric female junior obstetrician who opens up her heart, but also stirs up her troubled past.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director and lead actress.

So join us at 7pm tonight on All That False Instruction. You can twiddle with your dial to 94.9 if you live in Melbourne. Or anywhere else where the internet roams, you can click  on

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