Thursday nights: are queer politics and culture nights!

On this week’s show we will be talking to Fareen about Muslim/queer identity. We will have Ryan I in the studio playing a few of his indie-pop songs like ‘Ex-Mormon High School Dropout’. And we’ll be looking back at the gay S&M-ish musical act from the 70s, Smokey, as part of Guy’s Gay Music History Corner.

And of course, we’ll be weighing up life’s eternal dilemma: staying in or going out? So tune in for the options, the enlightenment and the entertainment.

All That False Instruction, (7pm, Thursdays on Joy94.9 )

Fareen has lived and worked on several different continents. Born in Canada and raised in Africa to Muslim parents of Indian origin. We’ll be talking to Fareen about her muslim upbringing and how her sexuality has intersected with this.

Fareen holds a B.A. in political science, and M.A. in Development and an Masters in Womens Health. As a day job, she makes a living researching and implementing international development projects that explore the intersections between multiple forms of marginalisation.

Ryan I, is a local songwriter, who will be joining us in the studio to play a few of his songs and storytell about ’em. On the theme of religion, we saw Ryan play at the Equal Love fundraiser a few weeks ago, and were blown away by his whole set, but in particular his song ‘Ex-Mormon High School Dropout’. We’ll find out more about the story behind this song (perhaps the title says it all!), and we’ll also get Ryan to stick around a play another song and some songs by other artists that he’s listening to at the moment. We here that this may include some tracks by Perfume Genius and Sally Seltmann. Why don’t you ‘like’ Ryan on Facebook by clicking here.

We’ll also have Guy Blackman coming in to play a ye olde song from the gay past. This week it’s Smokey and the song ‘Strong Love’.

‘Strong Love’ also happens to be the song that has inspired the title of Guy’s forthcoming compilation on Gay Liberation era music.

Listen in to hear more about who Smokey is and click here to see some of the cool record labels.

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