What’s on: 23 September 2010

Tune in at 7pm on Joy94.9 for current affairs and culture provided by Alex and Sam.

We cross to Sydney to speak to Mark from the Refugee Action Collective who has been protesting at the Villawood Detention Centre in solidarity with the refugees out on the rooftop. Nine detainees on the roof of Villawood detention centre in Sydney’s west have continued their protest overnight, prolonging a tense 24-hour stand-off with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). They have been on a hunger strike since Monday, and all are threatening to jump if Australian authorities don’t agree to give them refugee protection visas. The nine say they plan to jump off together late on Thursday afternoon. We’ll be asking Mark about the current crisis and what listeners can do to support the refugees.

Sam and Alex will discuss the plight of gay Tamil refugee, Leela Krishna Thinagaran Harindran, who has been locked up for claiming asylum and has now been transferred to a detention centre in Melbourne after receiving homophobic bullying. Here’s more on Leela’s story.

And hopefully, this will inspire all our local listeners to get down to Friday’s snap rally in Bourke Street mall at 5pm.

Guy will also be joining us ‘Guy’s Gay Music History Corner’, and this week we’ll be looking at the career of Blackberri, who was a pioneering Black singer-songwriter in the gay San Francisco coffee house scene of the 1970s.

More information can be found on Blackberri’s amazing career at the Queer Music Heritage website.

Check out the song “It’s Okay’ that we’re gonna play here. A recent performance by Blackberri at the National Queer Arts Festival in 2008 was recorded and a very bluesy song can be watched here.

Can you think of another place where you get your news about black queers? If not, that’s why you should support our show and left-wing shows on community radio in general. This will be our second last show before we go on hiatus.  So get it whilst you can. Hey, maybe you should start a show?

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