What’s On: Tuesday, 11 May 2010

On today’s show we talk to an original ‘78er, Liz Ross. If you don’t know what a ‘78er is, it’s someone who marched in the first Australian Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. We are absolutely honoured to have Liz come in to chat with us. Liz is an inspiring activist and a prominent author. We are going to talk to her about an exciting book she is in the process of writing about LBGTI history in Australia. We’ll ask her how the activism of the 1970s informs the activism of today, particularly the same-sex marriage rights campaign which is having a big protest Saturday, 15 May 2010.

We have Roz Ward coming in to the studio to talk about the fall-out from the UK elections. Roz is an LGBTI rights activist in Melbourne, but also happens to have an authentic English accent! So she is the closest thing we can get to an ‘expert’ on this issue. We are going to ask Roz about what the results of the election mean. The Conservatives got the most votes, followed by Labour. And the Liberal Democrats who everyone thought might be a chance of winning the whole thing, did abominably badly. The result is a ‘hung parliament’ and so deals are going to have to be made. It’s all very intriguing. And what does it mean for LGBTI issues in the UK?

Perhaps you remember that Victoria decriminalised abortion in late 2008. It made the news a bit. Pro-choice activists are still hard at work though — this time, sending a large contingent of Victorians to Sydney for the first-ever national abortion rights rally on May 29. The rally is in response to the anti-abortion group ‘Right to Life’ who are holding their international conference on the same weekend. If you want to get involved email: cwrr.solidarity@hotmail.com or call Shelly Dahl on 0448 645 227.

Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights (CWRR) is a grassroots coalition that is demanding free abortion on demand—and all across the country! We’ll talk to Shelly Dahl about the campaign.

We’ve also got Colin Jacobs from Electronic Frontiers Australia to talk about government internet censorship.


And the team will also be previewing some exciting cultural events that are happening around the place. Tune in to Joy94.9 on Tuesday, 9am-noon, or listen online.

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